J O N   F R A Z E
Page Layout and Design
Jon’s long career in graphic design has aided him in his pursuit of his personal goals as an artist. His broad experience in both the advertising and publishing industries have provided a wide variety of creative projects. His work as a designer has earned him recognition and awards within the industry, while allowing him to express his creativity in the technical aspects of commercial art. This process has honed many of his skills and aptitudes, as he’s continuously pursued proclivity in compositional balance, expressive color, and the conveyence of a message in the simplest framework. These virtues form the core of his artistic expression in both his commercial and fine art pursuits.
Jon has worked from a variety of source materials; from stock art, to commissioned photography, to his own illustrations. An expert at Photoshop, he doesn’t hesitate to create original photo manipulations and digital illustrations, giving his designs a highly personal and original appearance.
After graduating from college, Jon first gained professional experience in advertising, and has had several short stints with agencies since. As a freelancer he maintained relationships with a number of clients. In more recent years his endeavors have been primarily in print publishing. Over his career he has been responsible for the design and production of a variety of projects, from ads and page layout, to complete magazine redesigns; from brochures and posters to record albums, booth display, logo design, and more.
Take the Zing Out of Post-Op Sting Paint the Town Crushing Pain Opening Act Pain Game Art of the Smile "Eye Health"; Dimensions of Dental Hygiene feature Table of Contents Table of Contents continued Shrink Wrap The Bottom Line Device Tax Slash Diet The Next Great Thing A New Twist Cover design for America's Network; own photography and photo manipulation Magazine cover, 90th anniversary issue of America's Network. Themed in the style of Warhol to provide a retro appearance. Feature on custom motorcycle for Hot Rod Bikes magazine Feature design for Hot Rod Bikes magazine Record album cover for Maranatha! Music. Smooth jazz genre gospel music. Record album cover for Maranatha! Music's second collection of wedding themed music. Feature spread for Mentor Magazine Cover design for Telecom Investor magazine Belmont Digital Media ad. Print ad for Belmont's expanded media efforts Feature design for America's network on the uses of cannabidiol in dental therapy Feature design for Decisions magazine, on Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in dental practice. Congratulatory ad for special event program honoring the retirement of one of the dental industry's luminaries Print ad for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene's Healthy Living program Ad comp for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene's "Hive" podcast series Cover for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene on the use of hypnotherapy in dental practice Magazine ad for multiple venues publicizing the OHA's annual banquet Magazine ad for graduating dental hygiene students encouraging subscription to Dimensions of Dental Hygiene's dedicated student Web portal Magazine feature for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene on the subject of xerostomia Cover of Mentor magazine's 2017 media kit "Dental Benefits of Dairy Consumption": feature design for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene
Logo for Mentor Magazine
Logo for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene magazine
Belmont Business Media logo
Logo for Decisions in Dentistry magazine
Logo for Telecom Investor magazine, a spin-off publication from America's Network.
Logo design for teleSoftware magazine, a spin-off publication from America's Network
First version of a logo for the "Grass Roots" Practitioner Panel, a Dimensions of Dental Hygiene reader involvement group
Version 2 of Dimensions' "Grass Roots" Practitioner Panel logo.
Partners in Practice logo, for a conference/symposium presented by Belmont Publications
Logo design for Dimensions' National Children's Dental Health Month recognition program.
A second design for Dimensions' National Children's Dental Health Month recognition
Logo for Compusoft Systems, a business software developer in Orange County, CA
Logo for Cybergeddon 2000, a software patch marketed to prepare for the Y2K computer glitch
Logo design for the Christian Singles Association
Logo design for Cabaret Repertory Theater
Logo for Orange County Mobile Installation, an automobile stereo and electronics installer in Orange County, California
Logo revision for Trail Blazers Motorcycle Club commissioned by the Motorcycle Industry Council
Logo design for Hot Accent for Him, a maker of storage and travel accessories for menswear
Logo for "Heavy Duty Truck Shootout," a special feature of Truckin' Magazine (Primedia, Inc.)
"Ladies of the Lake" logo
Hygiene Hive" logo design for Dimensions' podcast series
Whirlwind bug for early iteration of Mentor Magazine's logo concept
arrow bug concept for Belmont Business Media logo design
Registered Dental Hygienist logo for promotional materials marketed by Belmont's ProBoutique
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