J O N   F R A Z E
Jon Fraze — A Gallery of Fine Art
Welcome to the gallery of Jon Fraze.
Jon has been selling his art professionally for decades as an illustrator and graphic designer, but his recent oeuvre takes a more personal direction. His work in oils gathers inspiration from many of the Old Masters whose work he reveres, while retaining elements of the illustrative and graphic sensitivities which have colored his more commercial pieces. Lessons have been drawn on the effective and emotional uses of color, light, rendering and composition, from artists as diverse as Van Gogh and Vermeer, Mondrian and Mucha, or Rubens and Ingres, to name only a few. In addition, the artist has taken pains to examine technique, up close and from original works. Discovering common elements of enduring appeal from all these sources, Jon infuses them into his personal vision. 
His intent is not to recreate scenes, but to create unique objects of enduring beauty. His palette is typically bright and energetic, reduced to a simplified scheme evocative of cloisonné work or stained glass. Color is used suggestively, deliberately departing from naturalism, to objectify his subjects and to define mood. Subjects are chosen, whether from his travels or from his own back yard, for the state of mind they recall: they immerse the viewer into a moment and an emotion, enhanced by a sense of time and place.
The recent works appearing in the gallery below are representative of this directive. For information on purchasing any art in this website, or to commission new art for your home or space, please contact the artist.
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