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"Most of my recent work falls into this category. The bulk of these were done during my tenure as art director for America's Network magazine. Our people-on-the-move section seemed to need some sort of spicing up, so I began to do caricatures for the lead story of each issue. We received a good deal of positive feedback from readers, some of whom claimed to turn straight to the people section whenever a new issue arrived. I even received a couple of requests to purchase original drawings.
    "This led to the occasional editorial caricature, such as the first two in the series below.
    "It's probably best not to post these with full names, since not everyone is likely to be flattered by their representation.
    "Please click on the
contact link to get in touch with me about new caricature assignments."
—Jon Fraze

Click on the thumbnails below for close-up views

Telecom executives
Executive 1
Executive 2
Executive 3
Executive 4
Executive 5

Executive 6
Executive 7
Executive 8
Executive 9
Executive 10
Executive 11
Executive 12

Executive 13
Executive 14
Executive 15
Executive 16
Executive 17
Executive 18
Executive 19

Executive 20
Executive 21
Executive 22
Executive 23
Executive 24
Executive 25
Executive 26

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